brand that is dedicated to all fashion-addicted, who live their own lives as real protagonists, making unique and special every single opportu2star-logonity. 2STAR has no limits: a bold brand directed to young and old people, united by the desire to paint with enthusiasm every moment of their life and makes the focus the freedom to express themselves, to look, to feel star of own life. The brand offers a collection of sneakers for men and women with an unmistakable style that plays on the character of the vintage, mixing a metropolitan mood, to have resulted in an innovative and attractive design.


2STAR shoes are made with artisan processing craft: sewing, milling and washing handmade, for a style entirely Made in Italy. High Sneakers, Platform, Low Sneakers, Slipon, Running, and the extraordinary Special Editions: there are numerous variants for an ever fresh and cool look. 2Star is the icon of a generation who colors the most boring days with enthusiasm and determination with the right sound of adrenaline, to focus the attention on the freedom and expressing themselves, to be and to appear.
2Star is the flagship brand of Mofra Shoes srl, a company that for 60 years is the leader to guide its customers making them feel special and proud of their style. It comes from the idea and the business experience of the brothers Pasquale and Giuseppe Morgese, the makers of a success built step by step.


Safeguarding and boosting the value of the investments to ensure an ever increasing path, constantly innovating the enterprises to ensure an effective and efficient service of production and distribution and then ensuring high quality standards. Therefore, Morgese’s family works in synergy with their corporate partners and worries about constantly evaluating all the internal resources to the companies. La MOFRA SHOES s.r.l., in addition, worries about operating in full respect of the environment, promoting corporate policies which aim to reduce the ecological impact both in the choice of raw materials and for the disposal of waste materials, and also it always looks upon the social allocating a share of its profits to charity.



Quality, attention to detail, innovation and advantage, these are the winning features of the corporate 2Star.
Through a constant study and the accurate investment in research and development, the company focuses its work on the tastes and requirements of the customers in order to understand their needs and desires and make them “fitted”.
It is recognized and appreciated at an international level, thanks to the participation at the biggest exhibitions such as Pitti Immagine.


2Star is particularly reactive to the social networking world. With an important and constant presence on Instagram, Facebook and now on Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and Pinterest, the brand spreads its fashionable and colorful pictures about its shoes with the aim to share them with its fans. Too important is the continuous exchange of contents and images between the company and the stores where 2Star is present: one more step to be known and to get new advertising for its quality and sense of fashion. 2STAR presents the new and unmissable Spring Summer 2017 collection which was held in Los Angeles and best represents all the innovative and special characteristics of the BRAND.