Now I Riders On The Storm presents its new 2017 Fall Winter collection full of innovations. The well-known brand with its zip-up hood jackets with built-in glasses introduces innovative design and new materials that change color according to temperatures.

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Riders are urban humans, urban nomads, young people, students, freelancers, professionals who love to live outside, who are always on the move, citizens of many cities and countries. Their home is wherever opportunities and challenges take them.

Giovanni Chicco, an innovative entrepreneur and eclectic designer, thought of them when he gave birth to the brand AI Riders.

That’s how total protection jackets are born. They protect against any climatic conditions, they are jackets to stay outside and live outdoor.



The collection focuses on outerwears, down jackets, parkas, coats and hoodies.

The zip-up hood closes up to the head and has built-in glasses, it is protected by three patents that make it unique and unmistakable.

Continuous research of new materials made it possible to create and use changing fabrics, with paper coat and thermosensitive characteristic. Another result of this research is the anti-pollution filter that guarantees a partial air filtration.

For Man and for Woman innovative looks, vitamin colors and super cool design. For people who want to stand out from the crowd, who love to tell their own opinion.


AI Riders branded jackets are born in order to offer to men and women the best possible experience of the outside world, in order not to lose anything of your travels and explorations.

  • Full zip-up hood that closes up to the head for a total protection.
  • Built-in removable lenses with anti-fog and polarisation filter suitable for medium illumination and cloudy days.
  • Anti-pollution filter which allows a partial air filtration.
  • Ears filters that do not limit external sounds and allow a total expenence.
  • Innovative materials: thermoregulator, waterproof, windproof materials.
  • Continue research: the objective is to create by ourselves the materials necessary for the production and to find new techniques to improve performances.



Ai Riders Kid collection offers a wide selection of jackets for kids and teenagers. Jackets designed to follow the youngest in their plays and adventures, without compromises. An eye-catching design, bright colors and the finest fabrics to keep them warm even in the coldest days of the year.

The outerwears have been designed and produced with the same care as the adult collection: same quality materials, the same well-refined details. Moreover, the brand offers some identical jackets for both adults and children, to dress just like mom and dad!


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