ynamic with an Italian heritage company, Ambiance Italia through its solid management and thanks to the experience of its founder Mr. Alessandro Paoluzzi, produces and distributes worldwide a wide range of chairs, stools, tables and accessories, studied to give an original and modern stylishness. Ambiance Italia have chosen three fundamental values ​​to represent themselves, values ​​that express their products, services and business philosophy.

First of all quality, providing Customers with beautiful and functional products which are carefully selected and monitored during each stage of the production process by testing and certifying the product.

The second point of force is flexibility, this means adapting continually to the market and Customer requirements.

Finally, what distinguishes us is the attention to details, to the new materials, to the design, offering an original and unique product Made in Italy.


Ambiance Italia want to be known mainly for the superior quality that they get from each product of the collection. Founder tend to emphasize rule n. 1: “Ensuring quality enables us to strengthen the respect for our work and to improve relations with our Customers”.

The passion for quality firstly is realized through the direct supervision of the work performed during the production process together with strict controls on raw materials. Severe tests are made of endurance and stability on all products and materials used in the Ambiance Italia collection. It is given greater care and attention in the choice of fabrics, quality of paints and in the life of the glues.

Ambiance Italia products are guaranteed safely, intended for all environments… home, work, outdoor and contract too! The philosophy aims to demonstrate that quality, intuition and know-how are an excellent mix to conquer the international market.


Ambiance Italia introduce a complete and updated collection of seats, stools, tables and accessories designed for homes and for public places. The collection includes a wide range of items available with a variety of materials, finishes and fabrics, designed to furnish with an elegant and contemporary style.

Choose the item that most fits your needs! Ambiance Italia collection includes a wide selection of styles combined in endless solutions. All products are able to adapt to any existing interior design, but also to propose new furnishing solutions.

Ambiance Italia collection is steadily updated. The marketing department together with technical specialists are researching and studying the market and are constantly developing new product range. Ambiance Italia philosophy is to expanding the range with the latest market trends, materials and forms, being able to offer their Customers a perfect product… just the one they are looking for.

Made from genuine high quality materials, Ambiance Italia products are made to live with you! You can match tables and chairs to your liking, making it a unique combination and customize your style of furniture. Together with Ambiance Italia team, they will help you to design and furnish your space, whatever it is.

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Ambiance Italia ensures excellent finish, quality materials, careful packing, fast shipping and assistance. It’s guaranteed the authenticity both of the work methods and materials used in the production of every single item.

It’s guaranteed the highest quality for all products, ensuring that they are made ​​with the utmost attention to materials, on seams, cuts, also following the criteria of ergonomics and needs of the market. In addition, Ambiance Italia pay particular interest to technological innovation and the desire to experiment, so the product is absolute perfect and qualified as possible.

Strict controls carried out by Ambiance Italia team, both on the raw material and during the production process, on assembly and packing too, assure a quality product every time you open a box!

Choose the right product that answers to your desire in style, comfort, shape and color! Come in AmbianceItalia and discover all the items in catalog!