Antica Barbieria Colla is the most famous barber shop in Milan, known for prestige, for its traditions and widely recommended by its Italian and International clientele.

Founded by Dino Colla in 1904, the Barbershop is the place to seek hair, beANTICA BARBERIA LOGOard and
mustaches treatment as well as to meet famous people. Well known political figures as well as show business people are its regular customers: an extremely attractive and sought after place to be at.

Located in the old and picturesque setting of Via Gerolamo Morone, in the heart of Milan close to La Scala, the Antica Barberia Colla retains the atmosphere of the beginning of the last century. Having a shave or getting one’s mustache and hair cut at the Barbershop, means for many Milan dwellers an essential experience, a tradition to pass on to their children in a setting that evokes the past, thanks to the vintage furnishings and accessories exposed here and there.


When entering the store Antica Barberia Colla one has the impression of travelling through time into a world where attention to the customer and detailed care are sacred and inviolable values.

Shaving at the Barbershop is a ritual of great charm: a warm cloth, pre-shave cream, animal hair brush, razor blade that caresses the skin without irritating it, another cream, other cloths, and enormous attention during all phases of the process, a truly attentive service.

Under the leadership of its current owner Franco Bompieri, who has been working in the same historical shop since 1949, the “Antica Barbieria Colla” has consolidated its prestige. As well as providing impeccable hair-cuts and shaves, the owner is also a well-known writer, author of several books.


The products Antica Barberia Colla used in the shop are created especially for the skin treatments. They are prepared following an ancient tradition passed on from owner to owner.

Up to a short time ago such products were used in the Barbershop primarily. The strong demand by customers and friends motivated Francesca Bompieri, Franco’s daughter, to make her marketing experience available to the family business with the creation of an exclusive line of products for hair and face called “Antica Barbieria Colla”.



The products now introduced are the answer to customer needs and expectations analysed in many years of experience; the packaging reflects indeed the style of the oldest barber shop in Milan.

Nothing has been left to coincidence: the choice of colors, the wrapping materials – which in the final stages of production are prepared one by one – and finally the wraps, designed in collaboration with choice Italian companies known for their quality.

The products Antica Barberia Colla and fragrances of the original recipe as unique as the herbal conditioner, shampoo with egg and rum, aftershave with apricot hull and soap with sweet almond oil cream: they all become a real sensorial experience.


The “Antica Barbieria Colla” strives to ensure that the traditions of its history live, it preserves the craft and the art of its founder, it perpetuates with passion the old tradition of hair care and shaving. At the same time it makes use of the modern means of communication and dissemination, dedicating special attention to the international clientele.