abol Cachemire Milano was born in 2006 from the idea of two very close friends, who bonded because of their passion for the fashion world anbabol-milano-logo-1469198174d the concept of tailored luxury, but above all two women sharing a totally new and emotional experience. Following their birth, they realised how limited the choice was for mums to buy their babies fine easywearing but still cool and chic outfits.  It comes the idea of Babol Chachemire Milano, a new clothing collection that looks back at the tradition of the past to renew the present through the quality of “Made in Italy” and the use of prestigious raw materials like cashmere, precious like a child but also warm and comforting like a mum’s cuddle.


With this unique combination Babol creates comfortable collections with a sophisticated allure, a retro-chic but modern taste Babol is now leaded with enthusiasm from Francesca.
Even as child she breathes the attractive of the fashion world in the historic family textile mill, where she works and confirm the knowledge in terms of raw material and finished product, after the graduation at the IULM in Milan. She enriches her skills and inspiration with stages in New York and Paris.


From her cosmopolite background in fashion, Francesca invested her emotions like she is growning up and dressing her three children, with a significant attention to detail, choosing for Babol Cachemire only the most prestigious italian materials that are wisely manufactured like only the “Made in Italy” workmanship can provide, to results in precious knitwear creations. Cashmere comes from the selection of the softest fibres of the tibetan goats fur which is brushed only during the winter season; from each animal you can take about 120 gr of fibre, and, as an average, one animal is not enough for a jumper.



Each garment is worked by the expert hands of professional knit-workers on original hand-looms, each piece is done with a single drop-stich and then wisely stitched and refined before being washed, dried and closely controlled for the best quality standard.
Each Babol Cachemire collection recalls the innovative idea to actualise outfits to produce a knitwear designed for kids with advanced techniques but completely hand-made, with the basic conviction that the revised retro style is the new modern trend.


The inspiration is a chic and sophisticated atmosphere, always delicate, understated, that looks with interest to thepast tradition of clothes making them trendy with design lines, colours and materials used.
All the garments of Babol Collection are thought and produced for kids of all ages for playtime, fun and cuddles; a unique fitting, tailor-made, for comfort created from luxury.