Belsire is an Italian story of two Neapolitan brothers, Diego and Valerio D’Angelo who decided to embark on a new adventure. The brand Belsire was created by the coexistence of three main elements: passion, vision and entrepreneurship that drive the company today.

The passion of Diego started when he was
visiting his uncle’s belsire logotannery, a place where tradition and handcraft, were the forces that drove his want to create and design. From there, he started to make different prototypes of shoes as a hobby, for friends and family which many years later transformed into a reality that is Belsire.

After many years of designing and material research, years in which he refined his expertise, Diego decided to follow his passion for handcraft, linking his Neapolitan heritage and culture to his creations, characteristics that represent Belsire’s core values today. Belsire can be seen as a classic but contemporary and distinctive brand.

The vision started from Valerio who lived abroad for a long time and felt like there was an opportunity to create high quality Belsire products that have style, entirely Had Made in Italy, with the right price.


The entrepreneurship of two Neapolitan brothers, businessmen of fourth genera­tion, who believe in a better and enhanced Made in Italy. Furthermore they see in the multi-channel model the business model of the future that incorporates the virtual world to the physical. Belsire prides itself with the efficiency of its multi-channel e-commerce.

The name Belsire descends by the union of two Italian words «BEL» and «SIRE» that literally mean «BEL SIGNORE», «GOOD LOOKING MAN» and therefore translates in Elegant Gentleman.

In addition Sire is synonymous of ancestor that includes the concept of «tradition», the core value of this company as tradition in its designs, is what drives our creative processes and the reinterpretation of  the Elegant Gentleman into a Modern Gentleman.


There’s no fun in the usual things, there’s no fun in the ordinary.
The most exciting situation is when it is enriched with thoughtful details.
An occasion can make you quiver
When it evokes eternal traditions and savoir-faire.
Every moment, every gesture is exalted in the new Formality.
We do not stick to traditions, we choose.
We do not do what we are told, we choose using our own taste.
This is not an ordinary brand, it is a personality brand,
which reinterprets the classic look in a contemporary way for the Modern Gentleman.


All Belsire’s accessories are realized by craftsmen in Italy, using prestigious materials and shapes and/or patterns studied specifically for our products.

For Belsire’s shoes, our style office designs models and shapes by studying the shoe’s materials that are realized by our artisans from Campania and Marche. The result is a perfect union of excellent Italian handcraft and contemporary style with the maximum attention to the shoe’s comfort and lightness, a quality that is important to Belsire.
Belsire shoes have a comfortable sole with a loose fitting that allows you to take on your busy days with comfort, elegance and style.


Belsire is present in several of the best Boutiques Worldwide and has a Flagship Store in Corso Venezia 29 Milan, heart of International Fashion and of Milan Fashion, one of the most important fashion districts.

Belsire is working hard to become an international brand that delivers prestigious Hand Made in Italy for the modern gentleman, looking for style, innovation and comfort in his footwear.