hat’s the first thing we think about when we buy a new suitcase? We worry that it might get ruined. That’s why Crash Baggage suitcases are already dented, worn-locrashbaggage-logo-1480324713oking, crashed. Crash Baggage designer Francesco Pavia aims at overturning the very concept of luggage through his travel philosophy “Handle Without Care”. Instead of just focusing on creating indestructible suitcases, he decided to embrace the potential damage that travelling can do to our luggage. None of Crash Baggage’s hard shell suitcases have to be handled with care, as they are robust and come pre-dented in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible.


Francesco Pavia is a young, enthusiastic and curious guy. His creativity was already apparent at high school where, instead of books, he brought his home-made t-shirts to sell to classmates. It is not difficult to guess that school was not the first of his thoughts. Instead, he has always loved knowing different people and ways of life, creating things and selling them.
Francesco’s father, Roberto, has been in the luggage industry since the 80s: Francesco witnessed all the great changes of this sector, such as the transition from horizontal suitcases to trolleys and the introduction of lighter and more durable materials. The way of travelling was changing and luggage producers had to adapt to the new lifestyle. People were moving much more often, not only for holidays but also for business or study. Due to the decreasing cost of airway tickets, flying was becoming a mass phenomenon. All of a sudden, you could reach every corner of the world in a few hours, as if there were no borders… But this is another story.


After high school, Francesco began accompanying Roberto on his business trips to Asia, where he was in charge of developing new products for major Italian traditional luggage companies. With his father’s help, Francesco started learning more about luggage, still the found all designs were very similar to each other and quite boring. In the meantime, he visited fashion and design fairs in the USA and throughout Europe, to breathe some fresh air.
A day like any other, while sitting at the airport, Francesco overheard two travellers discussing about their brand new suitcases, worrying that they might be ruined during the journey…



He had just had the idea of a suitcase already damaged, crashed, which can be handled without care and becomes more glamorous with every trip. Once back home from his journey, he began working on this concept. The first prototypes were realized literally kicking and striking hard shell suitcases and heating them up with the hair-dryer to twist the plastic to a higher degree. A year and a half later, in January 2013 at Pitti Uomo in Florence, the Crash Baggage adventure began.
Today Crash Baggage brand is distributed and sold all around the world in the coolest concept stores, fashion and interior design shops.


Crash Baggage collection now features the typical hard shell pre-dented suitcase in 20 different colours and 3 sizes, to accompany travellers both as hand luggage and in the hold of the aircraft with glamour and style. The trolleys are made of ABS and polycarbonate, the most up-to-date materials in terms of resistance, lightness and comfort. Together with the suitcases there come Crash Baggage design travel accessories and a line of Crash Baggage backpacks and bags with a hard-shell pre-dented bottom, perfect companions of many adventures. And for those travellers who love to be themselves and have nothing to hide, Crash Baggage has just launched Crash Baggage Share Transparent, the completely transparent cabin trolley realized in pure impact-resistant polycarbonate. Show without Care!