romia comes from the long story of  La.i.pe. S.p.a, a company founded in 1963 by Mr. Germano Sciamanna who, having experienced the leather handicrafts, decided to start this business in Tolentino, in the Marche region where there is a strong and ancient leather craft tradition.logo (1) Mr. Germano, man of great courage and enterprising spirit began producing small leather goods for the national market. Thanks to his great competence, he started good partnerships with the most important Italian and international fashion companies. Let’s see more about Cromia.


One the main characteristic of leather is its ductility which represent the key of success in the world of fashion. This happen in Cromia‘s world.

Leather changes: that means that it gets older but it does not get damaged. With a normal use, changes and customization can happen in the course of time, and this prove the naturalness of the product.

Feature: each kind of leather differs from the other. This decide that its interpretation in terms of forms and design are enriched by the diversity and the character of the material employed.

Storyteller: the product changes depend on its use and show leather caractheristics at best. If you choose a product realized with this material, it means that you have a product which is the expression of a real philosophy, of a real and unique lifestyle. Only one piece.


Cromia for the Fall/Winter 2017-2018 introduces us in a journey through nocturnal landscapes ranging from the modern metropolitan sets to those wilder and more uncontaminated. The night with its undefined and provocative atmospheres, made up with shadows and intense shades, it’s the mood that inspires the Italian brand Cromia for a completely new collection thought for a young and strong woman who wants painting her own life with smart passe-partout bags.
In this way the color remains the main protagonist of Cromia‘s collection: the artificial and metallic lights that enlighten the nights of huge metropolis, inspire glows and iridescent surfaces of the handbags and mini bags with geometric and minimal shapes.


The shades of the viridian green reflect polar lights colors while the amethyst nuances and the super dark tones enclose accessorizes in a wise game of creativity and exclusive preciousness. Studs and bling all-over decorate accessorizes, turning who is wearing them into a very fashion addicted, elegant and sophisticated. Cromia’s bags become great tools that can catch the attention and  light up also basic outfit. Maxi printed flowers such as roses with dark nuances or nocturnal jasmines give an edgy touch to an every-day accessorize like the classical shopper. For special events mini bags and shoulder bags are decorated with floral bling and embroideries that offer a strong and glamour allure to every look.


Cromia’s world also for this season it’s the result of a metaphoric journey where accessorizes abandon their habit of simple complements to become true mirror reflecting personality and needs of every woman.