n iconic brand, Delsey is a French company and a creator of baggage since 1946. For more than 70 years Delsey has offered consumers cases which bring together quality and audacious design. Delseylogo creates ingenious baggage designed to accompany travellers wherever they go and to adapt to all types of journey, both professional and personal. Its strength grounded in its expertise, the brand is behind numerous innovations recognised by important prizes in the design world. Delsey brings together style and functionality to create products that reflects the personality of each consumer.


In 2015 Delsey opened its first unique Italian one brand stores which are part of the global retail strategy. The first shop was opened in spring 2015 at Mantova Outlet Village, the second one at the end of the year inside Sicilia Outlet Village. In 2016 the opening of the third Delsey store situated in Valmontone Outlet near Rome while the last new store opened at the end of October inside the “city style district” Scalo Milano.
Inside the 150/200 mq stores, clients can find and buy the classic collections and the Limited Editions sold 30% off on the catalog prices. The objective is to offer the best Delsey quality at an unparalleled price, giving to every consumer the possibility to buy a Delsey luggage.
For Delsey Italy is more and more a fashion shopping destination with constantly growing numbers at all the operators.

Renowned for their high reliability and design, in the Delsey luggage we can find elegance, ergonomics and state of the art materials. Moreover, through innovative solutions, the iconic French brand answers to the passengers security demand.

HELIUM AIR 2: strengthen structure for a better resistance to the impacts
Lightness, iconic design and perfect strengthen. Four double silent wheels for a unique march comfort. Zipper are equipped by the unique and ultra safety latch Zip Securi Tech®. 41 times more resistant than the traditional zippers, it guarantees security at any circumstances, Helium Air2 is an excellent solution against the theft risk.

BELFORT PLUS: fashionable colours and safety
Red, beige, green, blue, yellow. Belfort Plus offers a fresh and coloured design! The Belfort Plus collection is perfect for the travellers who put first the security during their travels. The trolley is equipped by three points of closure and TSA (Transportation Security Administration) combination. Besides the closure that prevent the rain infiltration, the personal items are well protected by a 100% polypropylene case, the most resistant material at impacts and chemical products.

DAUPHINE 3: the lightest trolley designed by DELSEY
Ultra-lightness: only 1,6 kg for the 55 cm trolley luggage with 4 double wheels and for the 55 cm slim trolley luggage with 2 wheels. Dauphine is one of the last Delsey luggage collections was designed with a Teflon protective upholstery against stains and liquids.


Delsey owns something special and instantly recognisable which makes the brand globally known for its tradition made of design, elegance and innovation. The company offers to the travelers luggage made to simplify their lives and to accompany them during their most beautiful journeys.
Today Delsey is present in all five continents and in more than 110 countries. A Delsey bag is sold every 10 seconds.