s like the Es of Freud. GI for Gaia. VI for Vivilla, EN for Nives. A brand name, a philosophy. Es’givien project was born 10 years ago by the idea of three sisters from Verona (Italy): Gaia, Nives and Vivilla.
With different skills, from marketing to psychology, from design to public relations and the same background – that one of the crafts and the busES GIVIEN LOGOiness venture inherited by the family plus the precious collaboration with little local craftsmanlike realities, the three girls with their brand have soon cornered an enviable space in the complicated fashion system. Quality and Handcraft. A product exclusively certificated “hand Made in Italy”. The greatest search of fabrics and yarns, high quality in tailoring, constant attention to details with a big enthusiasm and will to do, are bringing an image of excellent quality and innovation that distinguishes the logo exclusively hand made in Italy following the artisanal tradition of Zampini family, creators, from generations, of highly handcrafted items.

A product certificated “Hand Made in Italy”

From jersey to knitwear, from clothing to leather accessory. New knitting tecniques, experiments in cuts and construction. Cotton, linen and cashmere lints next to neoprene in various versions. Rawhide, soft leather, patent leather. Natural materials next to the most innovative ones. Continuative element: a refined basic taste for items that whisper smartness and refinement. An easy to wear product with precious details. Tops, blouses, maxi-tops. Mini dresses, cardigans and mini coats with different volumes. Vests e slips to play with the overlapping. More basic tops to wear straight on the skin and more constructed tops for a classic and alternative look at the same time. Every season continuative items next to new lines to experiment different tailoring tecniques and yarns. To complete the look, Es’Givien has a limited edition of handcraft accessories: from the suede leather boots to the mirror sandals, from the cotton embroidered belts to the over the knee-socks in angora wool and silk.


Goals for the future: greater social commitment, projects that are able to look away, “beyond us.” Because everyone can cultivate his ES, from Europe to Africa, from America to India. That’s why now, the 3 young brand’s owners want to give a real help to those less fortunate. A gift from the heart. Another thought, simple but valuable.
Since the last seasons, the three sisters have decided to actively participate in social projects and initiatives, whose mission may well intersect with Es’givien philosophy, to create projects that benefit “beyond us.”



An ethical goal that will show a different face of fashion: a seemingly futile world but that, engaging seriously, can do much to help those who need it most.
Since last years Es’givien worked concretely by the side of Italian government and social partners in favor of projects to fight violence against women (Florence for Women & castitatis Cingulum) and against discrimination (Paralympics 2016, National Conference for Disabillity Politics, and Trisome Games 2016).


Es’givien, la Linea di Parole (the Words Line). Because inside every garment it is kept a thought dedicated to who is wearing it. Hidden, but within reach. Every season new messages, exclusive thoughts, linked to the theme of the collection. Messages printed inside the garments. Hidden like our ES, our Identity. Like Sigmund Freud did suggest in his studies and now Vivilla, the psycologist of Es’givien group, is reminding us, the ES is the Essence: that hidden, subjective and unique part from where starts and gets a sense all what we are/become and can be.