reddy is synonymous with sport and passion for movement. Set up in 1976 by Carlo Freddi, it has established itself immediately as a leader in the creation of professional footwear for dance and gymnastics that evolvedlogo, throughout the years, into a complete apparel collection. A story made up of milestones and new challenges, like a great sporting accomplishment, that led Freddy to become a benchmark not only in Fitness but in the world of Fashion too. Freddy’s strength is expressed by its uniqueness, or its philosophy: “The Art of Movement”.


Creativity today is highly complex. It means creating a concept and successfully making something different. Every time we make a product we don’t only think about whether it is beautiful or ugly, but about the reasons why people should buy it.” For more than 40 years, Freddy has been synonymous with sport and passion for movement.
The common denominator continues to be its ability to breathe life into products which combine technical requirements, comfort and attention to current style trends, with a perfect sense of balance.
Today the Freddy collection develops through two distinct, but complementary, concepts that can be summed up in Active&Fashion, perfectly embodied in our philosophy: The Art of Movement.


WR.UP®, the revolutionary jersey pant patented by Freddy which enhances the female silhouette thanks to its unmistakable shaping effect, is now presented in a wider collection of original models. After the great success of the WR.UP® sheath dress during the last season, of the WR.UP® longuette, the WR.UP® dungarees and WR.UP® SNOW, Freddy  keeps on with the WR.UP® Evolution.
The first novelty is WR.UP® UNDERWEAR, a model of shaping lingerie, a French knicker in skin, white and black to redesign the silhouette, enhance shapes and enhance one’s femininity. For the women of today, enhancing their silhouette is still a desirable beauty effect.


WR.UP® Denim represents a “new kind of jean”.
At first sight it looks identical to denim but once worn it offers new fits and comfort that only jersey can give.
A glam-rock woman is the inspiration for the new WR.UP® DRILL, torn and feminine. Made in drill fabric in the front part and in stretch cotton in the rear part.
Romanticism is instead the mood for the WR.UP® MACRAME’ collection.
The knots of macramè inspires ultra-feminine garments, romantic and suspended in time, seem to come from an enchanted land.


A journey in time for the two latest novelties at WR.UP®. Modern time cowboys wear suede, like music and have their horse ready to go to the Coachella Festival. And so, here is WR.UP® SUEDE, and we’re back in the ’70s. Just like a second skin, suede, is presented in two skinny models: a total suede and another with patches on the knees.

And then, the shiny ’80s with their sequins, representing the most talked-about decade ever. The collection is called WR.UP® SEQUINS, and it is a cascade of sequins that definitely catch anyone’s attention. Two proposals: classic torn skinny opening on a patch with sequins or, again skinny, with the front part covered in tiny shiny discs. And for sporty women who do not want to give up WR.UP® during their training, there is WR.UP® SPORT that, created in D.I.W.O. (Dry In, Wet Out) – the innovative material which eases the evaporation of sweat thereby keeping the skin dry and protected.

Freddy allows any woman wearing it to feel comfortable and free in movement without giving up femininity.

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