Having a made-to-measure suit was once considered a luxury reserved to the wealthy. Now it’s considered a symbol of elegance and personality and it has become affordable to everyone thanks to Lanieri.

Born in 2012, Lanieri is the first italian e-commerce dedicated to mens’ elegance, offering a smartly priced made-to-measure service. Full suits, dress shirts, vests or even a simple pair of trousers: these are just some of the products available on Lanieri shop online and customisable in a few clicks.
The garments are entirely designed and crafted in Italy, made with finest Italian fabrics in partnership with renowned Italian woolen mills such as Vitale Barberis Canonico, Reda, Zegna or Loro Piana.

The 2.0 innovation consists in giving to everyone, wherever they are, the possibility to choose online their own style and make it unique in every detail, choosing from more than 10 million combinations.


For the measurement Lanieri uses an algorithm to translate the 14 anatomical measures required in the technical measures of the finished product. Taking your own measures is not something you all practice every single day but don’t worry, with Lanieri it’s easy thanks to the smart video tutorial.

How does it work the online measurement process? After logging into your profile, you will find a 5 minutes video tutorial (divided by 13 steps) which will guide you through the entire process, explaining you how to use the tape measure properly. After entering your information, your measures will be verified by the sartorial-algorithm. This measurement method makes every purchase completely risk-free.

Lanieri has choosen an omnichannel strategy: besides the e-commerce, the start up opened in the last 2 years 8 atelier in Italy and Europe (Milan, Rome, Turin, Bologna, Biella, Paris, Zurich and Bruxelles).

In the atelier you will experience a charge free customized consultation in order to have your ideal suit and you will also have the possibility to discover all the secrets of italian made to measure. How does it work? The idea is to recreate in atelier the process of configuration available on line with one of our style advisors.


The fabric is a central part of the whole process, every season has its weights and measures so that’s why it is so important to choose the right fabric. In our ateliers you will be able to touch all the fabrics available and compare them in order to choose the best for you. Once you have chosen the model and the fabric we will begin the actual customization and then, last but not least, all the details: from the cannon to the pocket, from the cuffs to the collar, from the rever to the buttons.


The second major innovation brought by Lanieri in the made-to-measure world is the introduction of the new 3D configurator, an innovative cloud-based tool that allows you to choose click after click from over 10 million different combinations. This new three-dimensional technology allows you to customise your garment in real time from any screen. Online you can play with different patterns, fabrics, and customisations to see how they would look, thanks to an incredibly high-performing three-dimensional rendering.


From the style of the jacket, the colour of lapel buttonhole, the type of buttons, to the number of pleats on trousers: you can design a unique Italian garment choosing among a wide range of possibilities (more than 10 million different combinations). Customising a made-to-measure garment has never been so easy, fun and fast. From the style of the jacket, the colour of lapel buttonhole, the type of buttons, to the number of pleats on trousers. These and many other details are available to customize a unique Italian made to measure garment.

This innovative cloud-based tool has been entirely designed and implemented in the Biella district by a team of young engineers. Our best model makers and the tissue experts have been working for many months in order to create a user-friendly and risk-free shopping experience.

Once again Lanieri has put its efforts into an entirely Italian project to make Italian tailoring accessible to gentlemen all around the world.