efore being a company Maglificio Liliana is a family. It is an intrigueing love affair for knitwear started in 1969 by Egidio Lorenzoni and his wife Liliana with skilful productions that soon created a buzz around. It is all about passion and care for every single garment that continues up to our days with maglieria lilianathe kids, Andrea, Elisa and Monica, who took over the business and still keep going on the same original track with the same skills, passion and love. The company Maglificio Liliana run by the children got bigger and bigger featuring a more precise look, becoming important all over the world with its “Made in Italy” brands.


Maglificio Liliana is a knitwear company with years of experience in the creation of men’s knitwear collections. Liliana is currently the owner of the historic brand “Montechiaro”, the sporting brand “Impulso” and the highest quality brand “Lorenzoni”.  Maglificio Liliana is proud to present the new collections of IMPULSO, MONTECHIARO and LORENZONI to the following fairs: Pitti Immagine Uomo Florence (10th / 13th January), Panorama Berlin (17th / 19th January), MRket New York (23/25 January), Collective Chicago (5 / 7th February), CPM Moscow (20/23 February), MRket Las Vegas (21/23 February), which are the most important stages on the man fashion international panorama.


IMPULSO is inspired by the exclusive world of sailing, it offers functional clothing at the highest level and combine the Italian design and flair with a luxury-sportive style. Embroidery, appliqués, patches, material mixes, very particular seams and high-quality finishes are present in every pieces. The main look of the collection appear very rich and classy.

LORENZONI: Luxury must be authentic and unique. Following the tradition of the Lorenzoni family, the production of such fine pieces has made using precious yarns such as silk, merino wool and cashmere. We complete the collection with classical sweatshirts and very warm scarf.


The MONTECHIARO collection is constantly renewed, but respecting the tradition. New knitting styles, high-quality workings, jacquards and intarsia are the most important theme of the collection. It makes this collection younger and stylish but it does not forgive it origins with classic pieces.

MONTECHIARO GOLD is a high-quality segment of the collection. The unique Montechiaro sweaters are characterized by colorful, optical, three-dimensional effects, jacquards and intarsia designs. The all-over fancy Montechiaro sweaters are destinated to customers which wants to make them very recognizable and special.


Maglificio Liliana encapsulates values which are considered essential in the philosophy of the Lorenzoni family and makes this company unique and different from the other ones. Tradition: in the present lives what was in the past interpreting and updating the great Italian textile culture with taste and competence. Quality: since ever, a mix of craftsmanship and modern technology, yet not forgetting the tradition from the past. A distinctive mark as a result of ability, experience, creativity and technology of the skill workers. Fine yarns, such as cashmere, silk, fine cotton and merino wool are turned into unique and iconic items.
The goal of the company is to produce every single unit with the utmost possible care and quality, accomplishing different markets. Research and passion melt and renew season after season creating updated, fashioned lines for consumers, who are always looking for the latest “made in Italy” fashion items.