There are names that are associated with the success of a business, and the name Bemer is inextricably linked to the finest expertise in men’s footwear.  A history that began in 1982 with Stefano Bemer in a small workshop in Greve in Chianti, and continues with Mario Bemer, who joined his brother in 1999 in their new workshop in the historic center of Florence.
Within those walls steeped with the spirit of the great Florentine artisans, they developed a broader international vision, one which led the two brothers to propologo-bemer-1se their “tailor made” in foreign markets, primarily Japan, a country widely known for its culture of appreciation for the “custom made”. The Bemer brothers decided to open their first flagship store in Tokyo, presenting not only their “made to measure” collection, but also showcasing a new ready to wear Bemer line, a product that set a new standard of excellence for the pret-a-porter.
After the untimely death of his brother Stefano in 2012, Mario in 2014 decided to take on a new path along with his partner Luca Nardini and his longtime assistant the Master Seiji Miyagawa. Together they embarked on this new venture, prepared to meet future challenges with a shared enthusiasm.


n 2014 Mario Bemer found in the entrepreneur Luca Nardini the ideal partner who shared a common passion: the preservation of the tradition of the highest quality Italian bespoke and ready-to-wear shoe making, while offering a more eclectic and original style.
Their belief that things should be done the right way brought them to focus on transforming their passion into a creative energy that is evident in th
e colors, the unusual pairing of precious materials, the elegant double stitching (rigorously by hand), and in the innovative detail of the soles with rubber injections.
What fascinates most is their corporate vision, born in Italy, but that has conquered foreign markets, such as Japan, China and Korea, as well as Russia, Ukraine, Arab countries, and that is now reaching the United States market. A journey around the world where the style of these unique Bemer shoes meets and satisfies the taste and the needs of an extremely demanding customer that is attracted to the know-how of the contemporary “Mario Bemer” brand.


Custom made shoes, or as the English say “Bespoke”, are crafted following a very rigorous. The first step is the measurement of the client’s foot, where the structural condition of foot and the posture is taken into consideration. The wooden last is prepared, based on the gathered from the measurements and observations, interpreting the style that the has chosen. The goal is to offer the client a shoe that fits perfectly. The next step involves the creation of the upper, using the materials and finishes chosen by the client. Each step follows the specific details requested: the tip, the wooden shank, reinforcements, stitching thread for the welt, the insole, filler, soles and heels. 



From the beginning the goal was to maintain the high quality of Mario Bemer Firenze shoes with the added value of thorough material research and stylistic experimentation. One can appreciate special materials such as shark, crocodile, camel, kudu, vegetable tanned calfskin. All materials are sourced locally in the Tuscan leather District, world famous for its luxury leathersAll components of a “Mario Bemer” shoe are made without the use of any synthetic materials, plastics or metal, giving the shoe its unique characteristic of lightness, flexibility and resistance over time. Each pair of shoes is presented with special cedar shoe trees and in a custom wooden box.


The same exact attention to details that characterizes a Mario Bemer bespoke shoe is used for the Ready to wear line, always keeping in mind the noble aim of bringing a limited edition artisan industry product closer to the bespoke world.
Mario Bemer Firenze Ready to wear features and maintains several attributes usually reserved for a bespoke shoe. One can appreciate the high standards used for the RTW by noticing the Goodyear construction, which ensures durability andresistance over time. The hand-sewn welt, a characteristic of bespoke shoes, as well as the innovative sole with rubber injections, are a distinctive hallmark of the brand, symbol of its important intrinsic value.
A Mario Bemer Firenze brand shoe gives new meaning to the concept of RTW, featuring modern style with an international flair, and offering the market a new elegance accessible to customers of all ages.