re you a fashion lover? If you are asking where you can find about the latest updates in matter of eyewearing and fashion glasses, you should take a look to the MIDO Italian Eyewear fair, that takes places in Mimido logolan from 25 to 27 of February. The acronym MIDO stands for Mostra Internazionale di Ottica e Oftamologia, which in italian language means international Optics, Optometry and Opthamology Exhibition; since 1970 and every year from it, the show includes in the pavilions some of the biggest names of international eyewear fashion.

MIDO – The Italian Eyewear Fair

The story of MIDO, the international vogue fair focused on the latest eyewears, begins in 1967 from its first edition by a group of italian entrepreneurs that caught a glimpse of chance to make this fair unique and specific for glasses and who wear them.
This event represent a reference for all whom are fashion victims and enthusiastics about eyeglasses new trends and the latest news and all that goes round about them.


The experience that marks the organization of MIDO 2017 allows the people from all over the world of reaching and touch by hand the freshest ideas from the most incredibly creative mind in matter of fashion and eyewear technology such as Andrea Del Vecchio, Carl Zeiss and the italian Leonardo Del Vecchio, founder of italian brand Luxottica, that recently signed the cast with another corporate giant the likes of Essilor.



If you care to expose your product, you can contact the organizers of the MIDO fair on their website, by filling in the appropriate fields with your personal data and information relating to your business. You will be contacted shortly and advised on what to achieve step by step, and who to turn to for the transport and the exhibition.


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