Movitra Spectacles

To live and that let you live without worrying about them.

orn to move, explore, change things, experiment and go over our limits. Movitra Spectacles were created ‎to keep pace with you, to follow your lifestyle. So we invented and patented spectacle frames which protect the lenses 11139969_1078657102175059_3600050676784109546_nfrom potential shocks and scratches to which lenses are exposed on a daily basis.
Glasses that can really become a part of your life without compromising the beauty and design of an essential accessory. Spectacles to live which let you live without worrying about them. All this is MOVITRA: LIVING SPECTACLES.


The real revolution behind Movitra is the invention of different patented systems that allows the rotation of the frame, so that the lenses are protected on both sides by overlapping the temples.
“We started from a common, simple need: the need to protect glasses from knocks and scratches. It all began with a friend at the beach. As she bent over to pick up her child, her glasses fell to the ground and, as often happens, they landed with the lenses facing down, which scratched them irreparably. That got us thinking: “We need a simple, practical system for protecting lenses”. It was essential that it be something practical and simple, something that can be done in two movements, just like when you fold a normal pair of glasses. From there we began thinking about how to do it and we came up with Movitra.
Explains Filippo Pagliacci, President and co-founder of Movitra.


Idea and the production are entirely made in Italy. The acetate sheets used to produce all Movitra Spectacles are provided by top Italian manufacturers as well as the internal mechanism that allows the rotation of the frame. Even the lenses, by Carl Zeiss, are produced in Italian factories.
Movitra is innovation, technology, design and style at the same time, that is why the first of the innovative systems that the brand has developed and introduced in the market has also been applied to three new exclusive models 415, 515 and 615.



In these three new exclusive models the mechanism has been enhanced and it is now smaller and invisible compared to the one used in the original models. This result has been achieved thanks to the meticulous research and development made by designers and manufacturers.
Movitra sunglasses can be purchased online directly from the site in carefully selected opticians and starting March 2016; they can also be found in some of the most exclusive specialty fashion stores in Italy and abroad, such as Antonia and Excelsior in Milan, Colette in Paris, Barneys New York in their Madison Avenue, Chelsea, Beverly Hills and online stores and Matches Fashion in London, just to name a few.


Innovation. Quality. Italian spirit. These are the three words that can identify the brand. Innovation because we are a highly innovative business. We have created something that did not exist before and we have carved a niche in a highly competitive and saturated market.
Quality because we aim to use only materials of the highest quality and Italian manufacturing and craftsmanship. Then Italian spirit, in terms of the manufacturing and design. Movitra’s strength lies in the combination of these elements, which come together in a single product. Italian innovation, quality and style. With the new models we expanded the collection and we made it more suitable to a wider range of face types. We worked on the shape, the thickness and calibers to cover areas that were left uncovered with the first three models. In addition to this we did a lot of research and development both on the mechanism making it much smaller and discreet and on the fit making it much more comfortable. Furthermore we have a truly innovative solution that will allow to open the doors to the Asian market for our products.”
Explains Giuseppe Pizzuto, Brand Manager and co-founder of Movitra.