he history of Pacini & Cappellini comes from many loves: the wood, the house, the living as an essential aspect of everyday life. On these basis, for over thirty years, the company manufactures and distributes worldwide furniture and home accessories for the community, home and work: tables, chairs and armchairs, bookcases and shelves, but also chests, wall units and TV-stands, entirely made in Italy.

The adventure of Alberto Pacini and Camillo Cappellini starts when they realize that there was only one way to turn their passions into reality: making furniture. Not just objects, but special elements that can enrich and make life of every single person “unique”. Strengthened by this conviction, the two partners gave birth in 1982 to a business project based on the craftsmanship of one of the oldest, finest and most functional materials: the wood. This way in Cabiate (Como) Pacini & Cappellini immediately established itself as one of the most solid companies of the Italian furniture industry.


The strong desire to look at the future and ensure continuity to the company is realized in the Nineties with the sons Luigi, Roberto Moreno and Giorgio. The idea behind the new guide is maintaining the traditional values – the creativity, passion and the spirit of research of their fathers – and introducing important innovations. From a purely classical production, the new team starts a new industrial project with a resolute change of course and move towards design. To achieve it, Pacini & Cappellini uses new technologies and industrial processes, and the valuable contribution of a team of designers who create products that have become “icons”, as the Hi-fi and TV stand “Screen” designed by Fabio Rebosio, or the table “Plurimo” designed by Hanno Giesler, together with “Axis” and “Mobius” designed by Stefano Bigi.

The growing need to give to their collections a transversal vision and an even more innovative and contemporary interpretation, has pushed the company to maintain strong and long lasting relationships with designers, which even now keep on defining and communicating its identity worldwide. Thanks to this assorted team of creative professionals – with the valuable collaboration of ErvasBasilicoGirardi, Bellavista&Piccini and Norberto Delfinetti – the company successfully wrote their own story and stated the typical features of his style: essentiality , elegance, modernity.


Despite this renewal process, Pacini & Cappellini still keeps the soul of its collections intact: solid wood – whose production takes place entirely inside the company – it is carved with the care of the craftsman and the style of the tailor – together with the extreme attention to details and combined with the most innovative industrial techniques and environmental sustainability. Matched with materials such as glass, metal, leather and fabrics, wood is still the beating heart of the furniture branded Pacini & Cappellini: unique, precious and sophisticated products, as well as emblems of functionality, versatility and pure Italian design.

The desire to communicate to the world the inestimable value of Made in Italy, led Pacini & Cappellini to go on with promotion, gaining good sales results worldwide. Today the company occupies the corners of the largest showroom in strategic cities, artistic and cultural crossroads of synergies, such as New York, Moscow, Paris and Hong Kong, and ensures its presence in the most important trade shows in the world.


For Pacini & Cappellini home should be a warm and family environment, not only in the private sphere, but also in the workplace and in the free time. For this reason, in recent years, the company has made its entry into the world of contract, for which creates exclusive and versatile elements that can be easily placed in different contexts and adapt to specific needs. The furniture become an essential framework, a real synthesis of luxury, practicality and aesthetic pleasure.

Shops, offices, apartments, villas, residences, restaurants, lobby and hotel rooms created with the great skill of Pacini & Cappellini’s production, who along with his team of architects makes consoles (fixed or extensible, available in various sizes), chairs, lounge chairs, pouffes, coffee tables, coat racks and mirrors, desks, shelves and bookcases. A wide range of solutions to meet every need of personalization and style, offering a wide range of materials, fabrics and colors