The World’s most important platform for Men’s Clothing and Accessory Collections

itti Uomo is one of the biggest event regarding men’s fashion. It organizes many events and the base location is the city of Florence, in8950_big Italy. Usually each edition last for four days, in the middle of June, and all the people are allowed to visit the stands after have been registered in a proper list. At Pitti Immagine Uomo there are, usually, a lot of exhibitors and the number is around 90. The brands come from all over the world and the most famous coming from Italy are Aeronautica Miltare, Umberto Bilancioni, Bugatti, Furla and many more.

The different worlds of Pitti Uomo

The exhibition is organized in many sections, each of them responsible for a particular sector. The first one is called Hi Beauty: this part of the event is brand new and it is born following a cooperation with Pitti Fragranze. Here there are various presentations of the last perfumes, cosmetic and body care products.
Another section, called Make, is dedicated to the handcraft. Pitti Uomo wants always to enhance the work made by these fantastic producers that are able to create unique pieces of very high quality.

The section called The Latest Fashion Buzz shows the most famous international men’s fashion designers. This space is realized by Pitti Immagine in collaboration with L’Uomo Vogue and GQ Italia. Here there will be many prêt-à-porter collections and a lot of accessories. Pop Up Stores is a mix between lifestyle and versatility. There are many products in the exhibition such as shoes, eye-wear, bags, travel accessories and also design objects.

The section called Open is focused on a particular fashion that does not want to divide male and female clothes. All the pieces of the collections can be wore either by girls or boys and they are very requested in the international market. Unconventional is the part of the exhibition that focuses on luxury underground styles. They are a mix of innovation, research and maverick approach. The wardrobe is ultramodern, with agender elements, very appreciated by the younger generations.


There is also a section dedicated to the American fashion called Born in the USA, one about the future of men’s fashion and one, which name is Iplay, a new definition of sportswear. Touch is a space dedicated to the more cutting edge styles: eclecticism and contemporary fashion are joined together in order to create unique and innovative products. L’Altro Uomo is dedicated to the stylistic avant-garde: all the clothes and accessories are reflection of the possible future tastes. Then, Pitti Uomo is the heart of the exhibition where all the last proposals and collections are shown.
Finally, Urban Panorama is focused on the urban men’s fashion while Eye Pop is the exhibition dedicated to the eye-wear and My Factory is, again, an expression of the metropolitan culture.