ilan and its international audience that meets every year at I Saloni represents the most important venue for Porada, the place where our team of designers can conceive and present iconic pieces, designed to meet the market’s needs.

The Seventeen collection takes inspiration from the 50s and 60s, recalling the bourgeois homes that could be seen in Milan during those years. Solid wood and its infinite shades, in particular the canaletta walnut finish, matches other noble materials such as leather, brass and marble. The constant research into the materials we use lead us to develop ever more innovative combinations of lacquered colours and marble options.

The new collection brightens its surroundings, where fabrics and furniture together highlight the features of a contemporary home, one that is elegant and full of personality. The night area, first presented last year, has been designed by Buratti Architetti; they have conceived a complete night collection matching with the My Suite walk‐in‐closet: the Bayus night tables, Eley desk and the Nyan bed. The living area, with the magnificent Kirk sofa, is enriched by new pieces like the Joint coffee tables, with glass or marble top and base in brushed brass. Many spectacular bookcases are evident in the new collection, like the Beam bookcase designed by Tarcisio Colzani or the Dalida made by Carlo Ballabio. Among the new pieces we also have important tables: Thayl by Buratti Architetti, Theta by Stefano Bigi, Alfred by David Dolcini and Fuji by Tarcisio Colzani.

However, the most surprising news of Milan 2017 is the collaboration with the talented French designer Patrick Jouin, that created an amazing group of chairs, armchairs, tables and coffee tables. The first stage of this fruitful meeting resulted in the prestigious project for the Eden hotel in Rome, where Porada and Patrick had a chance to put together their expertise with brilliant results.

Patrick Jouin

Patrick Jouin is a designer whose creativity finds expression in industrial design for the decorative arts. Patrick has worked with top manufacturers on exceptional projects. He has found a place in the landscape of international design where only a few know how to evolve with both the ease and strength that he does. Patrick Jouin’s career and his design agency, Patrick Jouin ID, were highly praised by a monographic exhibition at the Centre Pompidou in 2009. They were also honoured with the Compasso d’Oro in 2011.

Many of his creations are in the permanent collections of museums worldwide, including the “Solid” collection at MOMA, which in 2004 was the first series of life size furniture made by 3D printing technology. Patrick Jouin is also involved in interior design projects
with his partner Sanjit Manku, within the agency Jouin Manku founded in 2006.

Timber and Trunck bistro and dining tables

The designer took his inspiration for these models from the silhouette of a tree.            The pedestal emulates the trunk from which ‘branches’ extend to hold the table‐top. The sculpted walnut pedestal with its brushed chrome base can hold different table‐tops in a wide range of materials and shapes.

Ella and Louis chair and armchair

Their elegant, simple lines and great comfort take their inspiration from American and Japanese traditions of solid wood furniture. Great attention is paid to details such as the form of the armrest.
The chair is available in two models: the first, Ella, works well in combination with the Timber Bistro table. Louis, lower and wider, provides a more relaxed style.




ALFRED table
Design: David Dolcini

This is a table that reinterprets the “easel” through the use of the solid canaletta walnut, the brushed brass and the tempered glass. The project has been developed starting from the single leg, which is linked to the other parts of the base in an organic way. The joints, the glass supports and the adjustable end feet are in brushed brass to evoke the technical inspiration of the project.


BAYUS and ELEY night area collection
Design: Gabriele & Oscar Buratti

The Bayus night tables and chests of drawers and the Eley dressing table with mirror are the results of the combinations of solid wooden container and metal frames. In the hive units, it is possible to put drawers or trays in leather. The simple lines are increased in value by the refined details in canaletta walnut, leather and the satin metal with contrast caps.


FUJI table
Design: Tarcisio Colzani

The Fuji table is characterized by the minimal simplicity of the design and by the high cabinetwork.
It has been inspired by the gemma that enlarges and opens into the corolla of a flower. In the same way, twelve slices of curved and shaped wood grow from the bottom, move close while rising and then explode enlarging till create the petals of the flower. The resulting central hole could become a container for a plant or an enhanced object thanks to the inner recessed top.

DALIDA bookcase
Design: Carlo Ballabio

The major features of this bookcase are the thick elements and the contrasts in the finishes. The sculptural shaped vertical elements are positioned in a non‐logic way between the glossy shelves lacquered in the new Grey Iron color. It can be used as room divider or against the wall and, when placed close, it is not noticeable the interruption between two units.


HARALD and SONJA sideboards
Design: Gino Carollo

In these sideboards, the timeless elegance of the wood and the eternal refinement of the glass are linked. This special combination of noble materials is connected to the stylistic details like the rounded frame, which contains doors and drawers. The open container creates a game of volumetric and aesthetic contrasts, defining a project voted to the care of details and to the continuous research of innovation.


JOINT side and coffee tables
Design: Marconato e Zappa
This series is characterized by the combination of metal and wood in a joint. The base is made up the feet like stilts in matt brushed brass, the central joint in canaletta walnut and the thin metal arms, which support glass and marble tops.