onchi di Manzano winery is placed in northestern Italy, in the heart of Colli Orientali del Friuli by the Slovenian country borders. The microclimate and soil composition have elected this land to be the cradle of good wine. The terroir speaks to us, and it is only by keep listing to it that we are able to respect it. Roberta Borghese, the owner of these Ronchi (steep slopes), has understood their true values and is enthralled by the rhythm and beauty of nature.


The Ronchi di Manzano winery was established in 1969, but its vineyards have an ancient tradition of centuries. Everything started with the Counts of Trento, who had a special predilection for the Ronchi di Manzano, both for its location and for its soil composition.

Its vineyards were considered to be some of the bests of the whole area and they were very requested by French and Savoy noblemen. The company since 1984 is managed by Roberta Borghese, along with daughters Lisa and Nicole.

They aim to introduce a more international vision. This farm has made a real rise in quality in recent years. Roberta Borghese’s vineyards are located in two important Cru of the Colli Orientali, Manzano and Rosazzo, and they have one of the best favorable position for exposition and climate. The wines regardless of being well made, they are a perfect mirror of the land’s characteristics.

Every year Ronchi di Manzano vinelli sells about 200.000 bottles in local and international markets (in 15 Countries from Australia to Brazil).

The Underground Wine Cellar

Ronchi di Manzano winery is a construction born from rocks: two subterranean levels are fixed into the ground. We can find a section for the vinification of the grapes, another for bottling, the warehouse and the barricheria (wine cellar).

Starting from the 2004 harvest, the historical barricheria has been widen with a winery that plays between modern and traditional styles. It has been constructed to host 54 HL big French oak barrels; high capacity barrels that are used for the ageing of the red wines and for the fermentation of some of the white wines.


The quality of the wines is something that remains certain and constant. They represent a reference point of the hill area of Manzano and of the Colli Orientali.

The farm offers an extensive range of wines, though the most exceptional definitely include the cleverly blended white Rosazzo, a wine enhanced with traces of gold and floral flavors, the Colli Orientali del Friuli Bianco Ellégri, rich and complex to the nose, with a fresh and persistent taste and, above all, the Colli Orientali del Friuli Ribolla, almost an artisan wine that stays in contact with its skins for four months.

At the fresh scent of hawthorn and wisteria we can feel warmer flavours of plum and citron. The fruit leaves a perceptible imprint, nearly neutral and remembers the French oak.


Friulano It is the oldest vineyard of the winery, situated 200 meters far away from the cellar on hill. The grapes are hand harvested. It is dry, full, soft, very intense, hazelnut, scents of sweet almonds, pear, green apple, fresh, in a beautiful bedrock minerality.

Elegance and quality are the characteristics that distinguish the white wine of this particular wine production area; almost femmine, they play with delicate shades, never excessive, always balanced.  Well assembled and well molten aromas, intense, fresh and slim, they require more time to refine and therefore to express all their charming suavity.