olor and stylistic research represent the essence of Rosso Prezioso’s fashion bijoux. The brand was founded in 2010 thanks to the creativity of Cristina Bacchetti and Roberta Romoli and their desire to create a line of jewelrROSSOprezioso2y permeated by the high quality of Italian design. “I wanted a line of jewelry-accessories that would interpret the current trends”,explains Cristina, “without ever losing the proportions and the precise finishes typical of the jewelry world. The result is a designer brand which is able to communicate the value of the craftsmanship contained in each and every jewel”.


Rosso Prezioso collections, while always maintaining highly recognizable stylistic codes, renew and change twice a year just like in the fashion world. Thanks to skillful work and chromatic research on brilliant enamels, glittering crystals and natural gems, elegant lines of fashion jewelry have been created, in which color and the common thread of all the collections becomes an integral part of the continuous stylistic work.


The earrings, super-shiny and so very light, are Rosso Prezioso’s flagship product and are indispensable accessories for making any outfit perfect.
Rosso Prezioso offers beautifully detailed jewelry, handcrafted and embellished by passionate artisans who are always searching for perfection.
The high quality of the product is complemented by a brand philosophy that aims to maintain a level of adequate and affordable pricing.





Rosso Prezioso opened its first flagship store in March 2014 at Via Fiori Chiari No. 16 in the heart of Milan. The creative concept of the store’s interior is characteristic of modern and refined taste with a touch of daring design: an immense and marvelous diamond full of an intense fire-red light.
The bijoux become little works of art, and the earrings, the heritage pieces of the brand, are coupled with their matching and splendid rings, necklaces and bangles.
The interior of the mono-brand store is characterized by clear modern flexible displays, which allows set-up in any corner or store, so you can always maintain the highest recognition and brand identity across spaces of any dimension and all kind of retail environments.


Rosso Prezioso jewelry is designed and made entirely in Italy and is distributed in
the best jewelers, high-end clothing stores and most trendy concept stores. Currently they are available in two hundred locations in Italy and thirty-five others throughout Europe and the world.