Start your engines, put your helmet on and obviously wear your favourite pair of Saraghina: 2017 will be on the road.
The brand born between the sunsets and dawns of the Riviera Romagnola will be back in January to animate Pitti with its world made of unique colours and shapes, of simplicity and comfort to live with irony and lightheartedness the universe of fashilogoon! This trip starts from the heart and takes us to the carefree atmospheres of holidays, journeys, new adventures, and, deep down, in the wonderful path of life.
With the return of the fabulous Seventies, Saraghina Eyewear presents “SCRAMBLER”, a new sunglasses model which immediately recalls a vintage atmosphere, yet perfect for the biker 2.0. An informal model, which tells about different cultures, and will mark important steps during the year.
The new must for next season is made in ultra-light nylon, in 6 variants of colour, with an eccentric shape and characterized by a ’70 vintage style. An iconic model for those who carry in their eyes and hearts the myth of the racer style, Steve McQueen.


From a new icon to established myths: contemporary, yet always up-to-date, the models Gilda and Gildone are back with a more eccentric look, a glittered, shiny and bronzed nylon frame, and the new metallic Gerry and Aurelio, revisited with flashed and gradient lenses.

Among the more cosmopolitan models, the Bubbles masks change colour at each movement with their flashed lenses, creating a “soap-bubble” effect which exalts the silhouette of the Saragina glasses with different shades.

Very colorful, yet more contained in the shape, Space4 is made in ultra-light nylon and mirrored lenses in various tones, but it’s characterized by a detail that really makes the difference: a painted metal double bridge, that gives an elegant look, but without being too serious.


The young and dynamic brand Saraghina is always on the run, in a constant evolution, and in a trip to find new ways of expression that exalt the wandering and carefree spirit which makes the brand unique and recognizable.
More than 60 frame colours and 50 types of lenses constitute a varied kaleidoscope of emotions, sweeps from marine blue to sky azure, from yellow sun to sunset red, and then changes again in mirrored, double mirrored, flashed, shaded lenses.
All lenses have a 100% UVA and UVB protection certificate.



NEW PACKAGING: a metal box similar to a tuna tin

Saraghina has a unique style, characterized by original shapes and corageous colour combinations between frames and lenses. The brand embodies the seductive spirit of Rimini, “full of life” and carefree.
The distinctiveness of the brand Saraghina takes its shape thanks to the passionate care and precision of the made in Italy. This is why all models are entirely produced in Italy by specialized artisans who use first quality materials and components.


The brand philosophy is also reflected by its extremely “pop” price, that guarantees the same characteristics of similar higher-end products in the market.
Tradition and innovation also characterize the new packaging: a metal box similar to a tuna tin, perfect for preserving all the freshness of the product. Two different formats available in blue and white, round for the folding glasses, rectangular for all other models. An additional original idea that caught the eye of the press and of the clients, who grew more and more curious about the creative intuitions of the Saraghina team.
Saraghina is ready to take off for a new adventure, where nothing is left to chance, especially the accessories to pack. Saraghina sunglasses will definitely be the protagonists of the countless selfies shot around the world!

Because real life is only on the road!