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verything you will see is the result of a lengthy experience, based on that traditional porcelain craftsmanship that is as authentic and recognisable as the Masters that created these works of art.

These are the criteria of excellence that still spur TICHE nowadays

Until just a few decades ago, this art saw only a few places in Europe that could be counted with the best. Amongst these is the small town of Usmate Velate (close to Milan) where TICHE itself draws its origins.

Currently, even in these few centres the School of Porcelain has lost an enormous number of its interpreters, making it extremely important for an ancient tradition to be passed on intact. And this is exactly what TICHE continues to do.


There are many new aspects: the company has cultivated a generation of young artisans, even more skilful – where possible – than those of the olden days, combining the invaluable culture of the manufactured article with a more modern aesthetic sensitivity.

If in fact every piece gets created according to ancient dictates, the search for subjects and shapes nowadays is enriched by new cues. The classical production was therefore flanked by a repertoire of creations with a more contemporary taste, ideal for modern homes as well.

Should you happen to be in Italy for work or tourism, don’t hesitate to come and visit us. It will be a pleasure to personally demonstrate the care and the veritable passion with which we bring our objects to life every day.



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