icenzaOro is one of the most important fairs in the jewelry world and takes place at the Vicenza’s Fair. The greatest jewel names go to this fair. Manyvicenza oro logo emerging companies, and the trendy designers participating in this global showcase to be known. VicenzaOro Fair is very important founded in 1694 to lift the people out of economic crisis. The first major national exhibition that has managed to raise Vicenza from post war crisis has been that of 1947.


VicenzaOro, born initially as a unique event, it was soon due to multiply creating three events spread throughout the year (VicenzaOro1 in January, and Orogemma VicenzaOro2 from June to September) with a specific pavilion (Oromacchine) intended to machinery for jewelry production. In 2007, he began a general restructuring of the VicenzaOro Fair (which becomes limited company) leading to call the event VicenzaOro Winter, VicenzaOro Spring and VicenzaOro Autumn. In 2008 the goldsmith events, change the name, but not only. In the three shows they had the same distinguishing patterns almost exclusively for calendar dates.


Now, however, there are three distinct events at VicenzaOro that have the task of representing different moments of make trade fair, but above all three different opportunities to cover the different needs that expresses the market.
The first event is called First because it is the first international gold jewelry fair of the year, the first by product breadth, the first for business importance.


The first collections are presented by 1600 exhibitors. Simultaneously it takes place T-Gold (the old Oromacchine).
The second VicenzaOro exhibition is called Charm and is characterized by a gold-fashion-design combination. Choice, the Third exhibition, represents an opportunity for operators who want to make focused purchases to meet consumer tastes with a strong focus on service operator must ensure that a goldsmith.


Exhibitors participating in this important international jewelery fair are: Salvatore Plata, De Maria Studio, Anna Biblo, Fuma Tools, Trezeta Ltd., 3DZ, Aaron Shum, Acme Export, Otec, and many others. Registering at the web portal of VicenzaOro, you can get the coupon to enter the fair without having to queue. VicenzaOro January was the first event of this year was made 20 to 25 January 2017. During this year it intends to renew the appointment with VincenzaOro organizing another international exhibition.