Viganò is a family company established in 1959, recognized worldwide as one of the leading companies manufacturing men’s and logo viganòwomen’s trousers. Their brands VIGANO’ and V.P.I. and are nowadays already distributed, directly or through agents/distributors, in over 30 countries worldwide, mainly in Japan, Europe and in Northern America.


The high construction quality of the trousers and the perfect knowledge of the product for over 50 years allow VIGANO’ to provide high quality manufacturing services to the best clients all over the world.
Viganò collections, classic or casual, are presented in a wide assortment of styles ranging from formal to the most updated ones, always granting an excellent high quality standard and a customized service for the most demanding international clientele.
A masterly cut and sophisticated accessories are to be remarked in the careful selection of the items, enriched by the use of high end fabrics, 100% made in Italy.


Thanks to the development of the Italian industry during the years of the economic miracle, important companies find their peak of growth.
This is a period of particular relief for Italy, in which our enterpreneuers never lose the foresight and the initiative, while abandoning the protetionism in economy, the commercial exchanges worldwide are greatly supported: this is the beginning of a new age for the Italian economy, where innovation, success and research are the foundations of a period of popularity, in a social way for the car and the textile sector, where new technologies find space.



It is in 1959 that Viganò re-styling took place: Antonio Viganò created only made to measure trousers with attention and care since that date, but the increasing buying demand needed large-scale production processes, namely the adoption of machineries suitable to the industrial manufactory, they could be able to maintain the care, the quality of the details of each trouser.
Contemporarily, Alfa Romeo, an important Italian car company, introduced a new release of “Giulietta”: a new avant-garde design and a more powerful engine were the main features.
When we thought of a distinguish element for the 1959 line, we could only be inspired by Giulietta the car that for more than one century is tied up to our daily life as the trousers of our production, proper to am actual and careful man always focused on comfort.


In 2016 VIGANO’ has been starting with a totally innovative projectOur Job is Your Job”, i.e. development and growth, mainly focused on the international markets, where quality is more and more required and appreciated. In order to pursue this aim the company will be enriched by internationally experienced sales people and by a brand new operative Marketing & Communication structure, that will foresee a mutual involvement in organizing events and occasions to create serious interest in the product and services offered by the company.